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Trilogies Part I: Working with Your Inner Healer

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

In medical school, while learning Cranial sacral from an osteopathic physician, the importance of emotional and spiritual releases were taught and studied carefully. She trained us to be aware of this naturally occurring phenomena during connective tissue work. In her experience she was able to move people through physical healing faster when the emotional/spiritual body was addressed. Determined to encourage this type of healing, especially when a client appeared stuck in an old pattern, I developed a method of working with the trilogy within. This involves calling upon the inner Child, Adult, and Wise One to seek deeper meaning and answers. This tool helps clients to connect with their inner knowing and move through old patterns releasing tension in the physical body allowing for increased circulation and range of motion and healthier tissue.

The inner child, adult and wise one represent your integrated self in different phases of existence on planet earth. When the three connect, amazing experiences happen and people often remember an event in their life, often traumatic or life changing, that has lead to unconscious patterns that no longer serve them. With thoughtful questions and guidance, Dr. Porter is able to help you shift these perceptions and often let go of the pattern it created allowing for the tissue to relax.

There are theories that the bulk of our trauma/patterns occur prior to the age of seven and we spend the rest of our journey undoing this. These events can be as simple as feeling unworthy for a sibling received all the attention to sexual assault or death of a significant person in your life. From these events, the inner child may feel abandoned, afraid, unable to trust or lash out in anger to protect themselves. These unconscious patterns can have interesting results when the inner child is speaking through your adult. For example, you show up at work one day wearing your inner child's “fear goggles”. A co-worker notices you are overwhelmed and offers to help you on a project, you immediately say no and start ruminating on how they are trying to steal your job. Without “fear goggles” the help would be received with open arms.

When wearing what I call the “Fear goggles" you can imagine how easy it is to misinterpret another and miscommunication becomes common place in your life. Initially, the process seems clunky and challenging for it is difficult to understand who is speaking - the inner child, adult or wise one and why it matters. As we work on discernment, it becomes a powerful tool in my patients lives that they have access to at any time.

Over time I have moved to doing this work outside of cranial sacral with similar results. This is one tool in a myriad of others that is powerful in transforming and healing energies within allowing for a deep inner peace. Each time we release old patterns with low frequencies that no longer serve us, we have space to replace them with new high frequency patterns that do serve us. As Gandhi so wisely spoke, “Be the change you want to see”, in order to change the world around you, you must change the world within first.

If you would like more information on working with Dr. Porter, contact the office at 410-923-8888. Check the Events page for upcoming workshops.



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