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Recent Events

Celebrating the Immensity of Being Human: Light up your DNA in 2023


Humans evolve and health care is part of being human. Achieving optimal health in our evolving environment will require additions to our health care toolbox. Dr. Porter will be exploring leading edge research and ancient traditions over the year to see how this new information relates to your health.

Divine Heart 
Meditation: Awake Your Soul

2023 Monthly Meditation

Each month we explored the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the heart exploring what it means to think from your heart, share unconditional love and experience inner harmony.

Perfect Body Meditation: 
Awake Your Inner Pharmacy of Healing


Each month we meditated on a specific aspect or area of the body with the intention of gratitude, awakening the stem cells and expressing light. 

Meditation is JUST a Vehicle -
Learn to Fly!

JULY 2023

When nine spiritual teachers from around the world come together to teach a course about meditation, you know that something special is about to happen.​ With combined centuries of experience practicing and teaching, all different modalities, and from all walks of life, get ready to welcome the profound, life changing benefits of meditation taught differently.

Archive of Events
(prior to 2022)

The Bodhi Clinic has been providing educational events and offerings since our opening. Dr. Porter has spoken professionally for National Associations, Businesses and Hospitals as well as the public including non profits, courses for clients and organized 3-4 day workshops. If you would like to hire Dr. Porter to speak at your event, call or email The Bodhi Clinic.
Naturopathic Care in the Breast Cancer Patient.
Awakening your Inner Pharmacy: Changing Mental Health Naturally.

Love Rocks: Living love and light.

Healing Strategies For Chemo Brain and Neuropathy.

Detoxification - reset your lifestyle habits and let your organs rest and cleanse - 3 week course.

Spontaneous Healing: Awakening your Inner Pharmacy

The Importance of Detoxification in Healing.

Healing tools for Cancer patients: Food is fun, Spice up your life and Healthy habits.

Access Your Inner Wisdom: A guided 4 week Journey.

Gut Bugs and Your Health: How to Eat to Feel Better.

Cell signaling: Applications for herbs and supplements in cancer care.

Energy, Matter and Mysticism.

Naturopathic Nutrition for Cancer Patients.

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