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Rooibos Iced Tea

Rooibos is often celebrated as a 'miracle tea' for its potential health benefits. Rich in antioxidants like aspalathin, rutin, and orientin, it combats free radicals and nurtures your well-being. Some studies even suggest it may shield against radiation-induced cancer and support the central nervous system.

Incorporating Rooibos into your daily routine doesn't have to be a chore. Discover the delightful world of Rooibos with this refreshing Rooibos Iced Tea. This simple, yet health-conscious recipe combines the goodness of Rooibos tea with the zing of fresh ginger, sweetened with honey, and garnished with lemon and lemon balm. Perfect for all ages, this thirst-quencher promises a taste of well-being in every sip.


  • 3 rooibos tea bags

  • 50 g / 1.8 oz ginger root

  • 1.5 liter / 50.7 fl oz / 6 cups water, boiled

  • 1 large lemon, organic

  • Fresh lemon balm leaves plus extra for garnish

  • 1 cup ice cubes

  • Optional: 0-2 tablespoons honey or stevia to taste

  • 1.5 liter/ 50.7 fl oz/ 6 cups cold water to dilute the tea


  1. Peeled the ginger root and chop finely.

  2. Place the ginger in a heatproof bowl or teapot along with tea bags and optional honey or stevia.

  3. Pour freshly boiled water over the ingredients and cover. Let it steep until it cools to room temperature. Once cooled, refrigerate for at least 2 hours or overnight.

  4. Before serving, strain the tea to a glass pitcher, leaving behind the ginger root and tea bags.

  5. Add cold water, fresh lemon balm leaves, thinly sliced lemon, and ice cubes. Allow it to steep briefly and serve your refreshing Rooibos Iced Tea. Enjoy!


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