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Naturopaths Soon To Be Licensed in Maryland – Baltimore Style Article Profiles Journey

Updated: Sep 7, 2022


Like doctors, naturopaths attend a four-year naturopathic medical school where they learn about conventional, Western medicine and also learn about alternative, natural therapies and train in primary care. They find the best treatment for their patients using patient’s health history, nutrition patterns, sleep habits and likely culprits of stress.

Treatments include nutrition and lifestyle recommendations along with supplements to boost the body’s natural healing abilities.

As you all know, my practice along with other naturopaths emphasize treating the whole person through prevention strategies and natural therapies. Kudos to all my fellow naturopaths and supporters who helped get this law passed. As Dr. Lauren Richter, DO at the University of Maryland School of Medicine said in the Baltimore Style article, naturopaths are an integral part of a team of healthcare providers and the public is going to benefit.”

To read the entire article in Baltimore Style click HERE



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