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Do you have Leaky Gut Syndrome?

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Featured Supplement: GI Repair Nutrients from Vital Nutrients

Leaky gut syndrome affects millions of people and is commonly missed by many health practitioners.  Leaky Gut Syndrome, also known as increased intestinal permeability, is a common ROOT CAUSE of numerous health issues. Sure, it affects the digestive system, but leaky gut affects almost every other system in the body, too.

What is Leaky Gut Syndrome? 

Imagine your intestine is a long hose. If the hose is not damaged, then water will move freely through one end and out the other side. Now, imagine that same hose with tiny punctures. The water now leaks out before reaching its intended destination. Leaky Gut Syndrome is similar to a damaged hose, as particles can leak out of the intestine and into the body where they shouldn’t be. This causes damage and dysfunction, resulting in poor health.

GI Repair Nutrients from Vital Nutrients is one of my most-prescribed supplements to address Leaky Gut Syndrome.  While focusing on diet and gut flora is also vital when addressing Leaky Gut Syndrome, this post will focus on repairing the mucosal wall of the intestines.

Leaky gut syndrome image

What’s in GI Repair Nutrients from Vital Nutrients?

  1. L-Glutamine: Primary fuel source for the enterocytes of the intestines.

  2. N-Acetyl Glucosamine: Essential for the secretion of the mucus that creates a protective lining on top the enterocytes.

  3. Arabinogalactan: Has been shown to promote a healthy environment for gut flora by supporting healthy amounts of beneficial bacteria and short chain fatty acids.

  4. Quercetin dehydrate: Maintains healthy functioning of the intestinal barrier.

  5. Deglycyrrhized licorice root:  Flavonoid rich botanical that supports a healthy intestinal lining.

  6. Lactobacillus sporogenes:  spore-forming, lactic acid producing bacillus. Promotes a healthy gut flora environment.

  7. Ginkgo Leaf Extract: Anti-oxidant to fight oxidative stress.

Please call The Bodhi Clinic for a free 10 minute phone consultation with Dr. Kneessi if you have any questions about this supplement or leaky gut syndrome.



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