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Detox Your Body and Mind for the New Year

Updated: Sep 7, 2022


A detox is an opportunity for the body to decrease internal toxins produced, receive less external toxins and increase the ability to move and remove as many toxins as possible. We live in an increasingly polluted world full of chemicals, emotional garbage and stagnation due to decreased movement of our body, mind and spirit. Candace Pert, PhD and John Upledger, DO were two pioneers in uncovering how the cells can hold memories and become toxic if not addressed. We are in a critical time of healing not only as individuals but also as humans living on this beautiful planet called earth. A detox is a huge step you can take to start releasing and healing.

Toxins build up in 3 major ways in our body: internally, externally and mentally-emotionally. Internal toxins occur in a healthy body during cellular metabolism and are typically cleared quickly. If we are dealing with health issues; for example, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, or depression these may build up and accumulate at a higher rate over time. External toxins are rampant and a serious problem that we face and must deal with in the 21st century. These man-made chemicals are often unnecessary and typically have a healthier alternative. Some examples include pesticides, car exhaust, plastics, chemical compounds used in body care products, anti-fungals, nuclear waste and cosmetics to name a few. The most recent studies in the US and Canada of cord blood from newborns found more than 237 chemicals, an alarming increase from earlier studies. If your organs are taxed or not functioning properly, for example the liver or gastrointestinal system, we will also accumulate toxins. The mental-emotional health of an individual or community has been discussed by philosophers and spiritual practices for thousands of years, and has been moved to the forefront of health care with current research showing its effect on bodily systems and organs. For example laughter may improve longevity based on its effect on telomeres. The spoken word or a mere thought is far more powerful to heal or harm than ever imagined. Therefore simply changing our thoughts can decrease the internal toxins we must deal with on a daily basis. This includes what we think or say about others and more importantly, what we think or say about ourselves.

A detox should allow the body, mind and spirit to rest and therefore have time and energy to cleanse and strengthen itself.   At the Bodhi Clinic, we offer a 3 week detox twice a year to help you learn how this process works and the intricacies of how your body may react during this time. A detox can be very powerful and life changing when done appropriately. When the body has a heavy burden of toxins and/or major health challenges, a detox can be a difficult experience and the guidance of a professional is recommended.

The next Bodhi Clinic detox starts January 13, 2016.



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