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Natural Czech Organic Moor Peat for Peloid Therapy

100% natural organic European Moor Mud that is certified for Balneotherapy by European health authorities responsible for regulation of natural healing.


Peat products typically ship every Saturday.

A tracking link will be emailed to you when it has been shipped.

Peat Bath - 16pk

  • 100% pure Moor and Moor Peat offers powerful anti-aging, detoxification and anti-cellulite benefits. This organic product nourishes the skin for increased firmness and a radiant, healthy glow.


    The water-soluble nutrients in the Moor: Fulvic Acid at all pH levels allows all nutrients to pass through skin and to the blood source creating a soothing and purifying effect for the whole body. Use a Torf Moor bath for a relaxing, reinvigorating, rejuvenating, bathing experience.

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