Fees and Insurance




  • First office visit (oncology – 90 minutes)


  • First office visit (standard – 60 minutes)


  • Follow up visit (45-60 minutes)


  • Follow up visit (20-30 minutes)


  • Brief visit (15 minutes)


  • Phone visit 


  • Nasosympatico (20 minutes)


  • InBody Body Composition test


  • After hours (non-office hours/urgent call or visit)












Time measured and billed as above






$25.00 + normal office visit fee













Time measured and billed as above






$25.00 + normal office visit fee


*Appointment times are given as a guideline and include charting and administration time for the Doctor.

Payment is due at the time of the visit.  We accept cash, check, and major credit cards.

Initial Visits

The first two visits with your naturopathic doctor are crucial to establishing the foundation of where you are this moment in time and what has affected your health in the past.  The initial visit will be 60-90 minutes depending on the complexity of your situation.  This is followed by a 60 minute follow up visit.   Once these two initial visits are complete, 30-60 minute follow ups are scheduled as necessary for health monitoring or in the case of an acute illness.  Deposits are required to hold the appointment time. Please contact the office for details.

Deposit for Initial Visit

Due to the length of the initial appointment, we require a $100.00 deposit when scheduling your visit. The deposit is applied towards the cost of your visit once it has occurred. The deposit is refundable provided we receive at least two business days’ notice of the appointment cancellation.

Phone Consultations

There is no charge for brief calls requesting clarification of current treatment plans or if the doctor requested you to call.  If new concerns are brought up requiring the doctor to assess and design a naturopathic plan, the charge is the same rate as a follow up visit.  If you are experiencing a medical urgency and must speak to the doctor after hours or on weekends, these calls are charged at the above rate plus $25.00.

Cancellation Policy

Once an appointment is scheduled, this time is reserved specifically for you.  If you miss or cancel a scheduled appointment or phone consultation without providing 2 business days’ notice, you will be charged a $75.00 no show/cancellation fee (except in emergency situations).

Insurance companies in the state of Maryland do not currently cover naturopathic doctor visits.   HSA and federal plans have varied viewpoints: read your policy booklet and follow the rules they have set forth.

We look forward to working with you.  Have a beautiful and healthy day.